The Right and Wrong Ways to Maintain Windows

Since it’s springtime here, most homeowners are thinking about upkeep. As the sun reappears and the final chunks of ice melt, we usually inspect our houses to make sure there hasn’t been any damage or accumulation of debris throughout the winter. Most of us do it as a typical rite of passage in addition to our spring cleaning duties.

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However, proper maintenance requires a little know-how, unlike simple cleaning duties. We must exercise caution and adhere to best practices if we hope to bring back the original brilliance and usefulness of our home’s key components. Put another way, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

Here at Golden Windows, we take window maintenance seriously as a well-known bespoke window company in Canada. As a result, we’ve devoted this page to understanding the dos and don’ts when it comes to window maintenance. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you should be able to maintain the performance and integrity of your windows as well as their warranties.

Consider these recommendations if you’re getting ready to tackle window maintenance as part of your extensive spring cleaning.

Establish a Timetable

First, let’s discuss a basic recommendation for window maintenance before getting into the specifics.

We are aware of how busy most homeowners are. You may have personal to-do lists for urgent errands, a schedule full of social events and/or job deadlines, and duties to your family. You could also find it difficult to find time for your windows and doors in between all of those commitments.

We advise systematizing window maintenance because of this. Using an analog or digital calendar, create a schedule. For the majority of window jobs, we advise yearly maintenance; for operational gear, we suggest twice-yearly cleaning.

If your house is large and has lots of windows, you might choose to divide the yearly work into many cleaning days. You may set aside a few hours in May to clean the windows on the top level, an afternoon in the early part of June to clean the windows on the ground floor, an hour a few days later to clean the egress windows in the basement, etc.

Remember to Set Reminders

If you don’t get reminders on a regular basis, chores tend to be overlooked. You may set up recurring remote reminders for your window maintenance that go off every year (or half-year, if that’s the case) if you use a digital calendar (such as iCal or Google Calendar).

By the way, this method works well for a number of other occasional home care jobs including pressure washing your deck, cleaning your HVAC system, fixing external damage, and even maintaining your automobile. To create a customized alert repetition, just click on the “repeat” drop-down option when adding an item to iCal and choose “every year” or “custom”. Additionally, in Google Calendar, choose a frequency from the drop-down box and uncheck the “Does not repeat” option.

In this manner, you’ll never neglect window upkeep since it escaped your notice.

Does the Glass Need to Be Cleaned Often?

Glass tends to reveal dirt, smudges, and dust more than other surfaces since it is transparent. Because of this, you might think about washing the glass in your windows a few times a year. You may even need to wipe the outside glass “as needed” to prevent sap and stray leaves from obscuring your vision, depending on the weather.

It is not recommended to use abrasive products on glass or any other finish.

Use caution when cleaning the glass on your windows. Glass surfaces may get microscopic scratches from abrasive cleaning supplies including scouring pads, liquid and powder cleaners, and scrubbing sponges. A window will appear hazy and rough in the near term as a result of this, and it may cause cracks or other significant damage in the long run.

Instead, do the task using a clean microfiber cloth and a mild cleaner, such as soap and water. This is true of any finish, such as metal, vinyl, etc. You should be able to finish the task with a little elbow grease, even on sticky kitchen windows or crusty outside glass.

Keep the weather-stripping intact.

It is important to take precautions to make sure that the hardware and weather-stripping are not painted over, as stated in our care and maintenance guide. This cannot be reported as a manufacturer problem under warranty and may interfere with the window’s operation and seal.

Having said that, paint precisely and with care. Before beginning, carefully apply painter’s tape, and make sure the paint has dried completely before removing it. Painting vinyl is not advised as the paint may not adhere correctly and may have a detrimental effect on a vinyl window’s ability to withstand weather.

There are other factors besides paint that might affect your windows. Make sure that your festive decorations don’t interfere with your windows, especially during the holidays. We created a helpful tutorial last year on how to shield surfaces from holiday décor damage. Make a note to include it in your December reading list!

Make that the hardware is operating properly.

The centerpiece of your Golden Windows product may be the exquisite double- or triple-glazed glass pane windows, but the working hardware is the real workhorse. This hardware not only adds style to your house but also serves as the practical, movable part of your window, letting in plenty of natural light and keeping your house warm throughout the winter. Maintaining optimal condition of your hardworking gear requires routine care and maintenance.

Make careful to reach all the nooks and crannies while cleaning the operational gear on your windows, such as the tracks and hinges, with a soft cloth and mild cleanser at least twice a year. Lubricate the operational hardware lightly with silicone spray or a little oil to provide optimal operability. Although you are free to select any two dates for your yearly maintenance, spring and fall are our recommended seasons. Mark down a few times (see above) on your calendar, and in the interim…

Remember to Refer to Our Operating Instructions for Specific Window Styles

Every window is not made equally. As styles differ, so do our methods for keeping them up to date. Maintenance for casement, awning, hanging, and slider windows necessitates somewhat different steps and safety measures.

We advise reading our “Operating Instructions” (included on page 2 of our helpful Homeowner care guide) before cleaning your working hardware for the first time. You may discover practical instructions on how to, among other things, tilt double-hung sashes for cleaning, lock/unlock casement or awning windows to avoid damaging the gears, and swing in the sash of a double slider.

To find out more about maintaining bow windows, pictures, and architectural styles, visit our product sites. To properly maintain bay/bow windows, refer to the operating manuals for each of the individual window components. Refer to the directions for those designs, for example, if your bay window is a combination of picture windows and standard casement windows.

Since it’s springtime here, most homeowners are thinking about upkeep. As the sun reappears and the final chunks of ice melt, we usually inspect our houses to make sure there hasn’t been any damage or accumulation of debris throughout the winter. Most of us do it as a typical rite of passage in addition to…